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Destiny Fanart Traditional Sketches

Found some 2.5 by 3.5" cards in my materials drawer the other day and wanted to practice drawing small finished pieces again. So created some fan art of one of my favourite games and some favourite characters from within it! Had a lot of fun creating these and it reminded me that not everything has to be perfect to enjoy creating it~ Credit for these characters of course is with Bungie, goes without saying that I don't own Destiny, and I used a mix of ink pens, pencil, and markers to sketch these cards of Ikora, Petra, and the Ghost.

Amy seaman d2 sketch cards 01
Amy seaman d2 sketch cards 02

Sketch of Ikora Rey

Amy seaman d2 sketch cards 04

Summoning the Ghost sketch

Amy seaman d2 sketch cards 03

Sketch of Petra Venj