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"Rhoe" Character Development

The progression of Rhoe, one of the main character from my final year film "Shade", from concept illustration to 3D sculpt to final character in the scene. I really wanted to try to carry the personality and style from his 2D design over to the 3D version and I hope I succeeded! Was my first proper sculpt project where the character would need to be properly rigged and animated fully so I learnt a lot from this.

Amy seaman rhoe profile

Rhoe Character Profile

Amy seaman rhoe colour swatches

Colour Tests

Amy seaman rhoe turnarounds

Rhoe Turnarounds

Amy seaman screen shot 2018 04 14 at 18 14 27

Rhoe finished sculpt

Amy seaman rhoe eoys rendera4

Render of Rhoe, credit to Danny Pelan for environment and lighting.